Not Sure How Many? One Egg a Day is OK

Not Sure How Many? One Egg a Day is OK

A new study has found eggs might not be as villainous as we assume them to be.

Eggs are one of those simple, yet complicated foods. They’re packed full of protein, a rich source of things like selenium, vitamin D, vitamins B2, B6 and B12 and filled with zinc, copper and iron. But research done as recently as March 2019 indicates that eating them could contribute to you having an increased risk of developing heart disease and dying early.

So, what’s the deal, then? A slice of heaven, or a bit of the devil(ed egg)?

As usual, the level heads in Scandinavia have helped the world figure this one out.

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Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland found that, at least if you have Finnish blood floating around in you, eating up to one egg a day will not increase your risk of suffering from a stroke.

Furthering this point, even people who are genetically predisposed to struggle with their cholesterol levels have been found to be unaffected by consuming this amount of eggs.

Of course, every person is unique. If your doctor has advised that you steer clear of all dishes ending in ‘benedict’ and that you run from anything introducing itself as ‘sunny side up’, ‘scrambled’ or ‘over easy’, speak with your health professional first before you get crackin’.

Not concerned, and ready to dive in? Check out these delicious egg recipes for a taste of the best.

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