The Best Ginger Roasted Rhubarb Recipe (now Gluten-Free and Low-Carb)

The Best Ginger Roasted Rhubarb Recipe (now Gluten-Free and Low-Carb)

We’re all well aware of the unbelievable flavour combo of strawberry and rhubarb, but that doesn’t mean the latter’s potential is limited to strawberry’s sidekick.

In fact, rhubarb is unique in the sense that it can be sweet or savoury.

Don’t believe us? Then you’ve clearly never had, or heard of, ginger roasted rhubarb (don’t worry, we forgive you).


Many people shy away from rhubarb, mostly due to its mystique as an unorthodox grocery store veggie. The produce, which is best in season (April to June), seems more suited to a local farmer’s market than the local supermarket. So if you aren’t shopping local, it’s a very foreign vegetable.

Rhubarb, which really is a vegetable (does that make pie a salad? Think about it), is loaded with give-me-more nutrients, including vitamins K and C, along with calcium—which keeps bones strong—and potassium, to maintain healthy muscles and metabolic functions.

In the video courtesy of, they show the best way to enjoy rhubarb as the main attraction, rather than a complement to the more popular strawberry. What’s more is the recipe is incredibly simple – you’ll only need five ingredients.

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Just mix your colourful stalks of rhubarb with the natural flavours of fresh ginger, orange zest, coconut sugar, and a dash of salt for a roasted snack you can indulge on, guilt-free.

If you think rhubarb can’t carry its own weight, the gingery roasted rhubarb makes for a fine tart topping for Greek or frozen yogurt. Or, serve with goat cheese and whole grain crackers for a sophisticated appetizer that’ll steal the spotlight from whatever you made for dinner afterwards.

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