How to Eat Dandelions

How to Eat Dandelions

They’re yellow and weedy, but that’s just a cover-up for the magic within. Whether you want a tea, some wine, veggies or tons of vitamins, this plant delivers.

You might have seen people with plastic bags, hunched over open fields beside the highway picking something this week. True, they might be collecting mushrooms, money or your long lost wedding ring but chances are greater they’re there for the dandelions.

It’s high season for these yellow beauties. Many homeowners love to hate them as they cover the lawn and take over, but for others it’s a time to celebrate.

Half a cup of dandelions is said to contain more calcium than a glass of milk, more iron than spinach, more vitamin A than carrots, and plenty of vitamin C and K. Basically, it’s just what your body needs in order to wake up after a long winter.

Dandelions are full of vitamins.

What’s the best way to eat dandelions? It depends on your tastes. The inner, younger leaves are less bitter than the older, outer ones.  Some connoisseurs turn the flowers into wine (age it at least a week), and others love to cook up healthy portions of greens.

Toss the leaves in some olive oil, butter and Parmesan cheese and you’ll never go back to broccoli and salad.

For a refreshing iced herbal tea, combine the leaves with raspberry leaves and honey with this recipe from Wellness

Trust us: you’ll never look at your lawn or that open, yellow field quite the same way again.

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