At-Home Exercises For Tight Abs (That Aren’t Crunches)

At-Home Exercises For Tight Abs (That Aren’t Crunches)

Crunches can get boring fast – you’ve probably been doing them for years to work out your abs, because that’s what everyone does.

You don’t have to be hidebound to this method of ab exercise. Try these alternatives to mix up your core workout:

Leg Raises

Lie on your back with hands on the floor aligned to your hips. As you exhale, raise your legs 6 to 12 inches off the ground. Lock your legs; hold the position. Rinse and repeat.

If that’s too easy, up the ante by lifting both legs to a 90-degree angle; your knees and feet should be above your hips. Lower your legs slowly, but don’t touch the ground, and raise them back up.

Flutter Kicks


Start on your back and bring both feet about 6 to 12 inches off the ground. Raise and lower your legs in a fast scissor motion; be sure you’re engaging your core and focusing on that, not your legs.

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Russian Twists

From a sitting position on the floor, have your heels on the floor and knees bent. With your core engaged, lean back to a 45-degree angle. Hold your hands behind your head, and with elbows wide apart, start twisting slowly from left to right.

For a challenge, hold your hands above your head with palms together. Lower your hands to tap the ground on one side, then bring your hands back above your head; lower and tap the ground on the opposite side.

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