5 World’s Weirdest Drinks and What They Can Do For You

5 World’s Weirdest Drinks and What They Can Do For You

Tired of the same old, same old? These drinks can revive your energy, get you to cheat at the Olympics and make you hallucinate.

A good drink, alcoholic or not, can really make the moment. Water can always quench your thirst, but enjoying that glass of liquid simply because, well, it tastes good, is a pleasure and a luxury.

But pleasure is in the point of view of the person experiencing it, yes? What someone finds delicious, you might hate.

Here are 7 for the world’s weirdest things that people drink, because they actually like them:

1) Deer Penis Wine

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The penis of a deer is valued in Chinese medicine. Why? It’s believed to house therapeutic properties and energy boosters. While not everyone will believe in it, some feel that it works so well it was banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Too much power in that penis.

Here’s how it works: athletes who wish to get ahead can place a deer penis soaked in alcohol on their injuries, tradition says. Sprained ankle be gone.

As a bonus, if you’re a guy looking to boost your sexual performance, this drink is also said to be effective.

It increases blood flow and your fundamental life force.

 2) Panda Dung Tea


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Said to be one of the world’s most expensive teas, panda dung tea was first invented in 2011. It’s not going to give you a slice of history, but this brew invented by a professor An Yanshi from Sichuan University, is the best you can get in China.

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It’s made from tea plants fertilized with the dung of pandas, and is said to provide drinkers with a “nutty” taste.

3) Kimchi Soda


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Kimchi is a Korean dish served as a side at meals. It’s made from rotten cabbage, rich in vitamin C and flavored with hot red pepper paste.

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Some find it delicious and others feel it’s just plain stinky, but whatever your heart says about the taste, know that you can now get it in a soda, (while in South Korea).

4) Cow’s Blood

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The Masai people from Kenya and Tanzania in Africa drink cow’s blood to stay healthy. It’s said to help older people and children build their strength. How can you take it?  You can have it straight or mix it with the milk of the cow, whatever you prefer.

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To harvest the blood, the cow stays alive, but the jugular vein in their neck is punctured with an arrow, and a couple of liters of blood is taken out. It’s kind of like sending the cow to the blood bank. She survives, and helps out the humans along the way.

5) Peyote Tea

(photo credit: www.youtube.com)

If you want your tea to do more than wake you up in the morning, check this out. Peyote tea is strong stuff.

It’s made from a small, spineless cactus of the same name and has psychoactive properties, making it a powerful drug.

Not to be taken alone, peyote tea is used in Native rituals in the Southwest of the U.S and in Mexico, in order to connect with the spiritual side.

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