HidrateMe: The Smart Bottle That Won’t Let You Dehydrate

HidrateMe: The Smart Bottle That Won’t Let You Dehydrate

Whether you’re an athlete or doing some form of cardio, keeping hydrated is important to keep you healthy and fueled up. HidrateMe’s smart bottle – which reminds you to hydrate every time it feels that you’re dehydrated – is a convenient and simple solution to keep you on top form.

Workout fanatics will find the product particularly useful; seamlessly calculating the amount of liquids that you should take, factoring variables like height, weight, altitude and humidity. The bottle has a smartphone app, Bluetooth connectivity, and the option to connect with popular workout wristbands such as Fitbit or Jawbone.


This isn’t a ‘must-have’ product for the average person, though drinking enough water can help prevent cancers in the colon and bladder, reduce crankiness and confusion, and aids in weight loss.


Not all of us are going to carry a smart bottle everywhere, but HidrateMe illustrates how technology has found its way into simple, daily routines like drinking water.

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