6 of the Best Healthy Hot Drinks to Keep You Warm this Winter

6 of the Best Healthy Hot Drinks to Keep You Warm this Winter

Looking to warm up without all the sugar? Check out these healthy hotties.

Snow is falling and our craving for hot drinks is rising. Warm lattes and moccachinos abound, but these can come with truckloads of sugar- up to 25 spoonfuls in some! (No lie).

So, how can you answer the call of keeping warm, and still keep your health on track? Here is a list of 6 hot drinks that will keep you warm, satisfied and balanced:

1) Homemade Apple Cider with Cinnamon


Ok, we’re not talking about the kind of apple cider you brew fro your own apples here, although that’s a fun adventure in itself.

This recipe relies on the kind of apple cider you can buy in jugs at the store. Make sure you get the real stuff, though, and not the kind you make from a powder, as that type can have A LOT of added sugar.

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Get your cider farm fresh, and add in some spices. This recipe is a good one- you can leave out the sugar and the cider tastes sweet on its own.

2) Hot Ginger Tea


Ginger has so many health benefits. It’s known for calming an upset stomach and reducing nausea, but it also is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, to be an immune system aid and to have anti-disease properties.

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This simple recipe uses fresh ginger slices in hot water with added honey, along with lime. Control how much or little honey you add and enjoy.

 3) Homemade Chai


Purists may argue that this chai recipe is too simple, but it’s one of the easiest around.

Many people have these common ingredients sitting on their kitchen shelves, ripe for the taking. Make your own delicious milk tea, and control how sweet it is. You’ll think twice about spending cash on chai at the store, next time.

4) Hot Water and Lemon


This one is self-explanatory, and so no recipe is needed. Simply slice a lemon and add it to hot water. Dip some honey in there if you like, and sip away!

5) Cinnamon Coffee


Cinnamon not only tastes great, but it’s said to help control blood sugar levels, making you feel a bit more on the level.

If you are used to grabbing for a cookie or a coffee with sugar in it mid-morning to keep the engines running, consider a coffee without the extra sugar, but with a dab of cinnamon-you may notice a difference.

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If coffee isn’t your thing, try a simple mug of steamed (or microwaved) milk, with cinnamon added. It’s a “wonder spice” that is said to help brain function, counteract inflammation, and boost the immune system.

Winning every way you look at it.

6) Hot Green Tea


Green tea is so easy to come by, and it’s a super healthy hot drink. This age-old tea is said to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, reduce heart-related issues, and stabilize blood sugar, all while loading you up with a cup full of antioxidants, to boot.

Available in most grocery store tea and coffee sections-the fresher the better.

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