Burger King quietly removes soft drinks from kids’ menu

Burger King quietly removes soft drinks from kids’ menu

When a food chain makes a health-conscious change – especially if that chain is of the fast food variety – they usually can’t wait to make it public. Giving the impression of responsible, accountable brand makes for great P.R., and potentially great sales.

Burger King is the unheralded hero of fast food in this case, choosing to quietly remove sugary soft drinks from their kids’ menus. They’re joining the slowly growing number of fast-food restaurants that’re axing unnecessary, unhealthy food choices.

But the manner in which they did it proves it’s more than a publicity stunt.

In an interview with USA Today, the fast-food mogul said the reason they got rid of fountain drinks minus the fanfare was, “a part of our ongoing effort to offer our guests options that match lifestyle needs.” That effort has resulted in Coca-Cola and Sprite vanishing from the menus, taken over by milk and apple juice options for young patrons.

Carbonated and sugary drinks can still be had of course; they just aren’t advertised on the listed menu.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s have been pushing healthier agendas recently, too. Last week, McDonald’s said they would no longer serve chicken containing human antibiotics.

This might be in part due to social conscious, as well as the pressure from advocacy groups who believe fast-food chains should do their part in combatting childhood obesity. According to the CDC, over a third of American children and adolescents were considered obese in 2012. And there’s no doubt fast-food chains, and the number of sugary drinks available, was a prime contributor to those extra pounds.

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