How to Eat This Delicious Delicacy: Flying Ants

How to Eat This Delicious Delicacy: Flying Ants

They come from the sky, have wings and a wonderful crunch that you can only find in Mexico.

If you’ve already tasted everything under the sun and need a new munching challenge, here’s one you might like: flying ants. reports of a Mexican delicacy called chicatanas. Oaxaca’s locals get excited about the insects each spring.

After the first rains, descriptions tell of the flying ants filling the sky in “biblical swarms”. Children and adults alike run to the streets to gather them, and then fry them up, grind them and put them in various sauces.

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A Mexican delicacy, flying ants, is packed with protein.

Spread them out on a thick tortilla topped with beans and cheese, and you’ve got lunch.

What do they taste like? Susannah Rigg says smoked cheese, but it can depend on the different ingredients that you put in the sauce, of course, if you use one.

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The interesting thing, besides humans eating bugs, is that chicatanas are traditionally eaten by people living in poverty who have little else to consume at this time of year. Recently though, the bugs have made their way into some high-end Mexican restaurants making some people wonder if eating insects is really going to go mainstream sometime soon.

A Mexican delicacy, flying ants, is packed with protein.

Since about 2 billion people currently eat insects as a regular part of their diet, the tiny food item could actually be the wave of the future, as the United Nations believes.

Packed with protein, extremely environmentally friendly and relatively easy to find, bugs are a well-rounded food source.

Yearning for a flying ant, grasshopper, locust and cricket salad? It might be easier to order than you think, in about 20 or 30 years.

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