4 Ways to Make a (Healthy) Grilled Cheese Sandwich

4 Ways to Make a (Healthy) Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Is there anything more satisfying than a gooey, oozing, grilled cheese sandwich?

The only real downside is the guilt. Otherwise, what’s not to like about the simple but effective nostalgic combination of toasted bread and melted cheese?

grilled-cheese-healthy-recipesBut, while it’s a win for your taste buds, it comes at the cost of your waistline. A standard, restaurant-made grilled cheese is usually loaded with calories, with thick bread slices coated in butter, and a hefty amount of cheese to match (we guarantee it’s over the 1.5 ounce recommended serving).

You can eliminate those concerns by creating your own homemade grilled cheese! This way, you can select healthier ingredients, or go lighter on the cheese, without sacrificing that signature taste. In fact, it may be even more flavourful with healthy additions, putting a grown-up spin on the childhood staple.

In this video courtesy Health.com, they show us four fresh ways to take your grilled cheese to the next level. They show how to incorporate ingredients like vitamin C-loaded red peppers, protein rich turkey bacon, and naturally sweet apples, for unique interpretations of the simple sandwich. Each variation tastes as good as an original grilled cheese, but with all the added health benefits.

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Make sure each stove element is free, or you have an extra-large griddle – it won’t be long before you’ll want to create all four grilled cheese versions!

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