3 Ways to Get Your Family to Lose Weight

3 Ways to Get Your Family to Lose Weight

Do it together, change your menu and stay motivated through technology for a better tomorrow.

Obesity rates are soaring in America. A new report put out by the National Center for Health and Statistics has found that nearly 40% of American adults and almost 20% of the country’s youth are obese.

It’s the highest rate of obesity the country has ever seen, and experts say the trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

What can you do if your family is overweight? Experts recommend tackling the issue together, for the greatest chance of success. Here are 3 tips for getting on a healthy path:

1) Adjust to Healthy Eating: Don’t Diet

The good thing about weight loss is that the idea can sound hard, but in practice it’s easy. Simply change what you eat. A great tip offered by Parenting.com is that you shouldn’t eat anything your grandparents wouldn’t recognize. Stay clear of processed foods and eat fresh.

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If you grew up eating a lot of processed goods, connect with a nutritionist. State your goals and they can work with you to develop meal plans that you like. Or, talk to your doctor and see what resources they have on hand. The key is to change your habits for good, not the moment.

2) Do It as a Group

Almost 40% of adults in the U.S are obese.

Experts say it’s better to work as a group rather than singling individuals out when it comes to tackling obesity in children. Often if a child is obese, the whole family is carrying extra weight.

Consider your daily habits and incorporate exercise into it, for everyone. Take 30 minutes to walk after dinner each day, as a group. Walk to school or work, if you can. Join a gym as a family and check out the classes offered by your community center. There are often a lot available for kids, as well as adults.

Sign them up for gymnastics and get on the stepper, while you wait.

3) Use Apps to Keep Motivated

There are also many apps that you can download on your phone for healthy eating plans, as well as exercise regimes. Document your progress as a family- hey, you may even become famous!

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