Is Your Home Safe? Reduce Trip and Fall Accidents by Avoiding These Top 4 Causes

Is Your Home Safe? Reduce Trip and Fall Accidents by Avoiding These Top 4 Causes

Wet floors, bad shoes and questionable rugs are all guilty parties when it comes to accidents.

Getting older comes with advantages as well as some scary pitfalls. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, each year 1 in 3 women and numerous men over the age of 55 worldwide sustain some kind of bone fracture. Many of these involve individuals who trip and fall, sustaining an injury as they hit the ground.

What’s causing the accidents? Here are some of the top 4 reasons older adults fall, according to the National Institute for Aging:

1) A Slippery Floor

Those ‘wet floor’ signs are useful, but not when someone forgets to put one out. When you’re in public, tread slowly and carefully if you think something might not be entirely dry. At home, make sure you wipe all wet surfaces with a rag before crossing.

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2) A Moving Rug

Small hallway and bathroom rugs can look great in your home but they can be a major tripping hazard. If you have some, consider doing without. Definitely wish to keep them? Staple them down on the sides and corners, or use two sided sticky tape to ensure the rug is secured to the floor.

3) Medications That Cause Dizziness

Some medications have dizziness as a side-effect, which can make you fall. If you’re feeling like yours might be causing light headedness, talk to your doctor. There could be another pill that will do the job without the danger.

4) Unsafe Shoes

Having proper, safe shoes on is paramount when aiming to avoid accidents. Tips? Avoid open back shoes like sandals and clogs that can slip off at any moment. Ladies, it could also be time to give up those high heels and commit to classy flats. Better safe than sorry.

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