Older Adults With Arthritis Need Just 45 Minutes of This Per Week

Older Adults With Arthritis Need Just 45 Minutes of This Per Week

Do you suffer from arthritis? Is it difficult to get out and exercise on a regular basis? A new study out of Northwestern University has some good news.

Researchers have found that older adults with arthritis don’t need to move around as much as national standards have stated, in order to keep their joints and limbs functional.

Federal guidelines in the U.S currently suggest that seniors take in about 150 minutes of moderate activity every week, which adds up to about 5 sessions of 30 minutes. But this can be a daunting goal to reach if you suffer from arthritis.

In fact, only about 1 in 10 older American adults with the condition in their knees is currently meeting the guidelines. It seems that for some, the goal is so lofty they’ve given up trying to meet it.

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In a new study though, it was found that participants who engaged in a minimum of just 45 minutes of moderate activity a week were 80 percent more likely to improve their movement or sustain it, compared with those who did less.

“Even a little activity is better than none,” said first author Dorothy Dunlop, professor of rheumatology and preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“For those older people suffering from arthritis who are minimally active, a 45-minute minimum might feel more realistic.”

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