Here’s What Pants Most People (Surprisingly) Wear When Depressed

Here’s What Pants Most People (Surprisingly) Wear When Depressed

It sounds wacky but it’s true: we humans tend to dress in certain clothing when we’re feeling down. You might think we’d toss on some jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt. Or, maybe one of those adult onesies that make you look like a dog, or, you know- a rainbow unicorn.

Hey, why not.

But apparently this isn’t the case. According to work done by psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire in England, the item we wear most when feeling depressed is… jeans. At least if you’re a woman.

Professor Professor Karen Pine, co-author of “Flex: Do Something Different” and the study’s author feels the results are significant. “This finding shows that clothing doesn’t just influence others, it reflects and influences the wearer’s mood too.”

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One hundred women were asked what they wore when they felt depressed. Impressively, more than half responded with “jeans” and, according to the study, 57% of women would wear a baggy top. (OK, so we were right about one thing).

Curiously, only a third of respondents said they would wear jeans when they felt happy.

And dresses, well, you’d have to be super happy to wear one of those. Women said they would be ten times more likely to put on their favorite dress when feeling uplifted, compared to feeling down.

So, does this mean that Levi’s is in the wrong business when it comes to outfitting us ladies in our best? Maybe. But what about a dress made of denim?

No one has studied that one, yet. I think it’s time for a fashion therapy revolution.

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