Education Not the Key to Happiness

Education Not the Key to Happiness

Whether you went to a top university or left your studies to pursue other worldly adventures, the chances that you are happy are likely the same, new research suggests.

It was found that there is no significant link between what level of education you have and your personal happiness, according to a study by researchers from Warwick Medical School and published by the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Researchers aimed to analyze whether socioeconomic factors, including level of education and personal finances, are related to healthy mental wellbeing and could indeed lead to a person’s happiness. They took into account data taken from the Health Survey for England in 2010 and 2011, which was administered to over 17,000 people.

They discovered that overall the odds of happiness, or ‘high mental wellbeing,’ were the same for people across all levels of education. They defined high mental wellbeing as ‘feeling good and functioning well.’

The research contradicts the association between those who have low educational levels having a mental illness, and suggests that socioeconomic factors may not be as essential in boosting mental well-being.




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  • This article just gave me a bit hit on the head, I must say.
    Sometimes I heard old people saying “if there’s one thing I regret, it’s not going back to school” and somehow it makes me wonder, have it all been different if they did? Have they been happier?
    I’m also in the position of wanting to go back to school and finish a degree but I am very happy with my financial status right now just that some personal balancing need some approach but who doesn’t?
    I’ve been confuse for a very long time about doing this or not but I think you’re right. If you’re a happy type of person, you will always be happy however things would go. If you are the opposite, perhaps and education won’t change that at some point. Follow my small charity page

  • Education is for personal satisfaction if not for financial gains. Happiness is a state of mind which does not need external stimuli like looks, money, social status, wealth, academic degrees and so on. Either you got it I you or you don,t have it. Knowing what brings you happiness is half the problem. Will I be happy if my child marries a rich person or an ordinary person with a kind heart is the type of decisions that will make or mar your happiness.


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