Hoverboard Fire Kills Three Year Old in Her Own Home

Hoverboard Fire Kills Three Year Old in Her Own Home

Do yourself a favor: throw that hoverboard out and get a skateboard. This time the fire killed someone.

In an extremely sad case of product malfunction, a three year-old girl has died in a house fire caused by a hoverboard.

Hoverboards are popular toys that riders can use like a Segway without a handle. Kids love to ride them through parks and to school, and the toy makes it easy for riders to get around as it relies on battery power to roll forward.

However fun they are though, they can be extremely dangerous.


(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

A major problem lies in the process of recharging hoverboards. The fire that took the young life of Ashanti Hughes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was caused by the toy bursting into flames on the second floor of her house, while the board was being recharged. Reports indicate that Ashanti died while trying to escape the fire by jumping from a second floor window.

Four other family members survived the fire, with some in hospital in critical condition, but the loss of Ashanti is senseless.

Is it an isolated case? It is the first death caused by a recharging toy, but it’s not the first hoverboard fire.

The hoverboards are so dangerous that Amazon and Toys R Us have stopped carrying them, and a number of airlines have banned them from being brought on board, due to fires being started by the boards, while charging the batteries.


(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

A government issued recall of the boards has taken place, (for a full list, click here) but is it really worth checking to see if your board is deemed to be ‘safe’ or not? It seems that almost all hoverboards pose a fire risk.

Do your kids and yourself a favor and get some roller blades. Go buy a skateboard. Nobody needs to die this way. Stay safe.
















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