Your Vagina is a Self-Cleaning Oven, and 5 Other Things Every Woman Should Know

Your Vagina is a Self-Cleaning Oven, and 5 Other Things Every Woman Should Know

This body part can be amazingly strong and is usually healthiest when left to its own devices.

The products on the market for keeping your vagina “clean” could probably make a trail to the moon and back. Douches, wipes, and washes abound.

Many women feel they need to use these to stay “fresh” and keep their intimate areas in top form. But gynecologist Denise Willers speaking to The says this:

“Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven.” And if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re just trying to make you feel bad.

What else should you know about your womanly nether-regions? Here are 5 things:

1) That Fishy Smell? It Has a Technical Name

It’s called bacterial vaginosis, and don’t worry- you’re not alone with it. About one-third of women in the U.S have had it at least once. See a doctor to fix it- sprays, soaps and wipes will just make it worse.

2) Your Parts Have Protectors

Your vagina has something called Lactobacillus protectors in it. How this good bacteria got there is uncertain, but it works. Many experts believe we started hosting it after discovering we could eat fermented foods some thousands of years ago.

3) Vaginas Are Really Strong

If you try hard enough, you could possibly lift a surf board with your private parts.

4) You Are What You Eat

Some say if you eat garlic or onions, you can smell it just about everywhere on your body!

5) Vaginas Are Like Snowflakes- Each One is different

Some women are having surgery on their labia to make it look different. Before you alter yours, remember that each vagina is unique! Nature’s products come in all shapes and sizes.

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