The Best Natural Headache Remedies are Right in Your Kitchen

The Best Natural Headache Remedies are Right in Your Kitchen

There are so many things that can make your head hurt: Deadlines, math, your significant other, raisin cookies masquerading as chocolate ones – and the list goes on.

And while it may feel like there are more triggers for headaches than there are remedies for them, you can actually find a number of natural headache remedies right in your kitchen. Here are three you can try to soothe that achy noggin.

Lemon essential oil

Aromatherapy essential oil, like a lemon essential oil, is a good alternative to relieving headache pain.

And while more research needs to be done on oils for headaches, the Mayo Clinic says their experts sometimes recommend lemon essential oil, pointing to the scent as a method of easing the pain. If you’re considering essential oils for headache relief, read up on this guide to essential oils first.



Headache experts advocate for migraine sufferers keeping this essential mineral close by – better yet, they should take it daily.

A 2018 review in the journal Headache found that taking 600 mg of magnesium every day can help reduce the number of migraines a person suffers.

Besides vitamin supplements, magnesium is available in a number of food sources, including pumpkin seeds, mackerel, dried figs, and dark chocolate.

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Vitamin B2

According to the US National Library of Medicine, taking riboflavin, a B vitamin, can reduce the number of migraines a person gets by two per month. That may not seem like much, but fellow migraine sufferers can agree it’s a big deal.

Almonds, sesame seeds, certain fish, and some hard cheeses are all strong sources of vitamin B2.

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