How to Live to 150 on $8,000 Young Blood

How to Live to 150 on $8,000 Young Blood

Want a longer life? Exercise, eating right and a solid social support network can do wonders – but some people are turning to blood for that extra boost.

If you’re into anything that can make you feel younger, this might appeal to you. According to a company called Ambrosia, which is based in Monterey, California, you can infuse yourself with a young person’s plasma and it might help you live longer.

An article posted by describes how it works. If you think it sounds interesting, you can join the 50 people who have already paid $8,000 to take part. They’ve been pumped full of 1.5 litres of plasma taken from someone between the ages of 16 and 25, to see if it can change their health.

Who’s behind the project? Jesse Karmazin, a physician in California and a former Paralympic rower is the brains behind the vampire-ish services.


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As a student, Karmazin studied medicine at Stanford and interned at the National Institute on Aging. He isn’t licensed to practice medicine, but nonetheless the health enthusiast can still conduct clinical trials looking at biomarkers in participants’ blood to see if blood transfusions can affect older bodies in any way.

Biomarkers are thought to provide insight into your future health. They’re substances in your blood that might provide information on the diseases and health conditions you could develop in the future.

Karmazin feels that infusing an aging body with new blood could impact your biomarkers and provide you with a new lease on life.

Does it really work? It remains to be seen. Apparently the procedure netted some good results in mice, but whether it does anything remarkable in humans is unknown. Read more about it and see what you think .

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