Top 10 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes, To Make It All Taste Delicious Again and Again and Again and…

Top 10 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes, To Make It All Taste Delicious Again and Again and Again and…

Thanksgiving: you survived it. Another year of turkey, mashed potatoes, string beans, stuffing and pie, pie, pie, pie, pie. It was delicious, no doubt.

But now that the crowds have died down, and you’ve recovered enough to hopefully feel thankful for it all, you may be left staring at that daunting pile of growing leftovers that’s taken over the entire fridge like a moose splayed out on a windshield.

Yes, you could toss it all in the composter or garbage. I mean, how many turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce can you eat, realistically? Twelve at once?

Yes, one or two is nice, but three weeks worth piling up in your lunch bag is… well, you get the picture. (A little but moldy, to say the least).

What you need is diversity. And where can you get it? Aside from taking a last minute trip to Asia, check this out. Here are 10 of the best Thanksgiving leftover recipes out there to liven up your plate:

1) Thanksgiving Pizza

This concept may sound ridiculous but hear me out. This recipe is recommended by Business Insider and was put together by Julie the Gourmet RD.

It’s a whole grain pizza that substitutes cranberry sauce for tomato sauce, (a great way to use that stuff up!), and also puts your excess gravy, turkey breast and stuffing to good use.

It’s all topped with shredded cheese, and is a great way to refresh your palate .

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2) Turkey Ramen

There’s something very satisfying about doctoring up a bowl of instant ramen noodles. It somehow feels like you’re cheating the system and getting away with it. Personally, I love to drop an egg and frozen veggies into my boiling Japanese noodle soup and this recipe does the same.

Slice up your turkey and add it in along with any vegetables you might want to use up. Corn, peas and beans are all great additions.

3) Turkey Pot Pie

These recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers liven up your plate.

If you have the time to make it, pot pie is a delicious way to revive leftovers. Check out this classic recipe from Pillsbury.

4) Turkey Crepes

Crepes are so versatile and delectable in both sweet and savory formats, aren’t they? This recipe for turkey crepes uses onions, mushrooms and of course, turkey. You could also add in a little cranberry sauce to top them off.

5) : Grilled Turkey, Brie, Apple Butter Sandwich

Need I say more- this recipe speaks for itself. Apple butter on its own is amazing, and brie has a special place in heaven all by itself. Combine them in a sandwich and you’ve got a dynamic duo, plus the power of some bird.

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6) Potato Cakes

These aren’t just a delicious Hanukkah tradition. Potato pancakes are easy to make, filing and a great way to use up your mash.

7) Turkey Frittata

Similar to a quiche, Frittata is the Italian version of the dish. This one calls for bell peppers and a ¼ cup of turkey. It’s a useful meal to conjure up when you’ve got a few leftovers hanging around, but not enough for turkey soup.

8) Sweet Potato Sheppard’s Pie

A new twist on an old favorite, this recipe has a sweet potato layer on top in place of the usual mashed potatoes. If your household will go for it, it’s a great way to use up everything.

9) Turkey Chili

Yum. Get it while it’s hot.

10) Turkey Cheese Enchiladas

Enchiladas rock and, as long as you’re a cheese-lover, I think you’ll agree that this turkey version is simply delish. It takes some time to prepare, but the baking is only about 25 minutes-enough for everything to melt.

If you’re used to about an hour of dinner prep and cooking combines, this recipe will fit into your schedule nicely.

Bon appetite!

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