Top Wellness Apps to Rest and Re-energize

Top Wellness Apps to Rest and Re-energize

Whether you’re someone who is constantly on the go or just need a few minutes to relax and re-group, these apps are like having a wellness coach in your pocket.  From sleep aids to meditation sessions, and even an app that helps you book and organize your wellness calendar – here are a few of our picks for apps to keep you calm, cool and connected.


Relax Melodies

The popular sleep aid app Relax Melodies fills your ears with sleep zen sounds as well as white noise, which can be used for meditation, yoga and even baby relaxation. The free app includes 50 relaxing ambient sounds using binaural & isochronic frequencies with titles such as ‘Birds’ and ‘Winds.’


The Calm app helps you to relax, meditate and focus using meditation sessions that range from 2 to 30 minutes, including a variety nature scenes and background sounds to choose from.  There are 50 guided meditations that can help with focus, creativity, energy, confidence, sleep and more.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned meditator, the Omvana app acts as a personal guide for your meditation and mindfulness needs. Included are meditations ranging between 3 to 60 minutes with insight from meditation experts from across the globe.  The app is meant to help with everything from stress and sleep to focus, as well as spiritual growth.

MindBody Connect

The Mind Body Connect app helps to connect you to wellness businesses, from fitness and yoga through to salons and spas, by allowing you to search, book and review all from your phone. You can sign up and pay for appointments/classes and even sync the events to your personal calendar.

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