3 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Meals

3 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Meals

Want to eat more nutritiously, but don’t have the tools to make those meals on The Food Network? Here are three essential kitchen appliances you need to make those healthy meals easier:

For Food Prep

We eat with our eyes, so when your veggies are prepped and looking like they’re ordered from a gourmet kitchen, everyone will want more on their plate (yes, even the kids).

This appliance – the Cuisinart PrepExpress – makes prep a cinch. The 3-in-1 appliance can slice, shred and spiralize. This is great for zucchini noodles, butternut or beet spaghetti, and all your favorite veggies for snacks, sides, or as a part of another healthy recipe.

Product: Cuisinartprepexpress™ Slicer, Shredder & Spiralizer, $99.99, available at www.cuisinart.ca

For Food Scaling

Dietary info at your fingertips!

When you want to make a lifestyle change, knowing what foods will, and won’t, get you there is key. This food scale offers 1000 foods that are preprogrammed, or you can program your own. The LCD screen displays calories, carbs, fats, salts, proteins, cholesterol, and other food values based on weight. It can even account for several foods, which is handy when you’re calculating the nutrition value of a full meal, or your daily consumption.

Product: Lee Valley Nutrition scale, $49.95, available at Lee Valley

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For Portion Control

Portion control is an underrated aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Plus, rinsing while measuring saves some time and an extra dish to clean.

Check out this chef’s planet measuring colander. It’s ideal when preparing fruits and beans into your recipes. It holds up to 3 cups and also has a built-in tuna can drainer, because why not.

Product: Chef’s Planet Measuring Colander, $15, available at Chef’s Planet

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