The Real Scoop on Black Licorice and Your Health

The Real Scoop on Black Licorice and Your Health

Trending news shows the FDA is warning us all about the dangers of consuming too much black licorice today.

With Halloween here and a night of solid trick-or-treating ahead, it’s true that it’s likely your kids will come in contact with the popular sticky, candy.

So, what’s the problem?

Black licorice contains something called glycyrrhizin. It’s a substance that can bring down the potassium levels in your body, which can lead to an abnormal heart beat, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, swelling and heart failure. Sounds pretty gloomy!

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Experts say the risk of developing these symptoms is high if you’re over 40, and if you eat more than 2 ounces of black licorice a day for about 2 weeks. That’s about 2 tablespoons of the stuff each day.

Are your kids at risk as well, though? If they happen to collect large amounts of black licorice and gorge on the stuff, maybe.

Here’s the scoop, though. Black licorice seems to be one of those candies that some people love and others abhor. They don’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Because of this, few people hand it out. Personally, I feel it’s unlikely that your child will collect so much black licorice that it’ll cause heart failure and send their blood pressure to the rafters in the coming weeks.

If you’re uncomfortable guessing how much of this candy is OK to eat, take it out. Toss it in the garbage.

You’ll rest assured that all is well and you’ll never have to think about it.

If you really like eating it though, chances are you’ll be just fine. Just remember, everything in moderation, and don’t eat 5 handfuls of the stuff in one sitting. Candy is supposed to be fun. Happy Halloween!

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