This is Why Men Don’t Have a Penis Bone

This is Why Men Don’t Have a Penis Bone

You’ve wondered about penis bones for years, and where they went… and now there’s a possible answer.

Researchers out of University College London, in England, now have issued a calculated guess as to why human males do not have a bone in their penis. It’s because we are monogamous.

Many women on earth would surely disagree, but researchers are putting the lack of a penis bone in humans down to a lack of competition among males for planting the next baby in a woman.


Women, the theory says, don’t normally have many men competing to plant their seed in them, unlike other species and therefore, there isn’t competition going on inside her from sperm that originate from different males.

Other animals such as bears and chimpanzees DO have penis bones, and it could be that this is the reason why. Their females are just too promiscuous.

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Humans may have had a penis bone a long time ago, but evolution has done away with it, the researchers are saying.


“After the human lineage split from chimpanzees and bonobos and our mating system shifted towards monogamy,” said Kit Opie, an anthropologist at University College London who oversaw the research to NBC News, “probably after 2 million years ago, the evolutionary pressures retaining the baculum (penis bone) likely disappeared.”

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“This may have been the final nail in the coffin for the already diminished baculum, which was then lost in ancestral humans.”


It’s still just a theory, but an interesting one.

Penis bones seem to be connected with long periods of penetration and copulation. Researchers say the penis bone contributes to other animals being able to stay erect for long periods of time, so that there’s a greater chance of the female truly being fertilized.

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Sounds possible. Or, on the other hand, maybe these other animals are just into tantric sex and we never knew it.

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