The Best Comfort Food Instagram Accounts

The Best Comfort Food Instagram Accounts

Hearty. Cheesy. Pasta…y.

These are just a few words that commonly describe comfort foods. And since comfort food at its core is tasty and maybe not-so-nutritious, it should be complemented with some sort of veggies or fruits in your meal.

Fortunately, your Instagram feed doesn’t have to abide by the same rules you do.

If you find solace in comfort foods like we do, you may appreciate channeling that obsessive energy by surrounding yourself – or filling your Insta feed – with like-minded individuals (re: foodies).

And since we’re entering comfort food season – or, any season that isn’t summer – now’s as good a time as any to fill our hearts (and our stomachs) with some of the best comfort food on social media today.

These are our picks for the best comfort food feeds:


Fill that hole in your Instagram feed with this bakery-inspired account. As the name suggests, this one’s for the bagel lovers out there.

It’s a stay in bed and eat bacon, egg & cheese kinda morning ? #eeeeeats @cy_eats

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Plus, there’s a wealth of complementary cross-section sandwich photos and melted cheese throughout. What’s not to like?


Q: What is that, some sort of sour cream…chive…doughnut…grilled cheese…sandwich thingy?

A: Yes, that is a sour cream & chive doughnut grilled cheese sandwich thingy.


Jake Cohen, a food editor at Tasting Table, clearly knows about good food. Case in point: this Instagram feed.


This account is made by the person behind The Candid Appetite food blog. ‘Nuff said.


What the f-!

That’s the common response to a post from Louie the Foodie.


Why did we include this one in our list? Well, just look at the account name.

You’re welcome.


For the street food fanatics out there, this duo appreciates food on-the-go as much as you do.


Cheese lovers, your prayers have been answered.


When you visit this Instagram account, you’ll only be treated to everything you always wanted to eat, all in one place. No big deal.


This account finally proves what this anonymous RateMDs writer has always advocated: that you can turn just about anything into a grilled cheese, and it’ll be fantastic.


Pizza galore, and then some more. This restaurant sure knows what the people want to see!

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