5 Unusual Health Tips For the Holidays

5 Unusual Health Tips For the Holidays

If it’s made of glass, don’t put it in your mouth, and don’t be afraid for your mental health if you still believe in Santa.

Our Christmas tree just fell over. We thought it might have been our preschooler crashing off the kitchen counter in his latest Spiderman move, what with all the racket, but thankfully our health insurance was spared. And the baby’s still OK.

But there’s still damage. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some of my most-treasured ornaments to pieces in the carpet. I haven’t had the chance to do a real look-over but I’m preparing myself to say ‘good-bye’. It’s alright, I forget they’re there most of the year, (the decorations, not the kids), but what’s almost worse is there’s now a huge mess of needles I need to find time to vacuum up, and we also have to tackle the tree all over again-tomorrow night?- if there’s a moment after the massive family get-together at the restaurant, before the daily rampage, (like herding cats), into bed.

So, Christmas tip #1: make sure the tree is secured straight up and down in the tree stand before doing anything else. Like decorating.

Here are 5 other bits of advice that will keep you on your toes when needed, this holiday season.

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1) Don’t Let Your Children Eat the Ornaments

Especially the glass ones. According to a study done by Children’s Hospital in Boston, kids love to eat light bulbs, button batteries (SUPER dangerous), and other holiday lovelies. If you have a toddler in tow, consider decorating the tree from the middle up.

2)  Remember That Mistletoe is Not an Anti-Cancer Drug

Yes. Check out this study published in the British Medical Journal if you need any further convincing.

3) Don’t Use Flame Retardant on Your Freshly Cut Tree (It Won’t Work)

Researchers have found that keeping your tree in some water, constantly, is the best way to prevent fire hazards. The stuff they spray on your carpet for safety reasons won’t do the trick when it comes to stopping evergreens from spontaneously combusting in your home.

4) That Being Said, Don’t Place It Near the Fireplace

Be mindful of where you place your tree. Keep it away from heat sources, especially the fire place, as sparks can fly further than you may imagine, presenting a dangerous and possibly deadly combo.

5) And Know That the Swedes Think Santa May Not Exist…But That’s OK

So, researchers in Sweden have analyzed Santa’s unhealthy lifestyle. They’ve come to the conclusion that he likely doesn’t exist, as his job would be much too much of a strain on any adult.

But if you do know someone who still believes he’s around, rest assured it’s not that bad for their mental health, at least until next year.

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