The Unwritten Rules of the Gym

The Unwritten Rules of the Gym

You can learn a lot about someone based on their habits at the gym.

It’s the true test of one’s cleanliness, hygiene, courtesy, and respect all in one high-energy facility.

Like the unwritten rules of society (eg. tiptoeing at night), there are unspoken rules of the gym you should never break unless you don’t want anyone lending to be your spot every again.

Wipe down machines

Would you want to use gym equipment after someone’s greased it up with perspiration? Exactly, so afford the same courtesy and clean up after yourself.

Put equipment away

Don’t be the person that leaves weights all over the gym floor after finishing sets. It’s a rule we learn in kindergarten – put them back where you found them.

Use headphones

No one wants to hear your tunes while they work out, no matter how cool you think your playlist is (Dave Matthews Band isn’t the best in the world, sorry).


You can’t reserve equipment

Don’t prevent others from using equipment you aren’t going to use soon. That’s like standing in a parking spot waiting for a friend to arrive in 15 minutes.

Minimize noise

Try not to exert loud grunts and noises like you’re doing a Maria Sharapova impression. It’s distracting and unnecessary.

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Stay off your phone

Don’t snap pics or videos of others working out, and don’t take phone calls in the gym. Save it for home!

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