The Millennial Wombo-Combo: Avocado Lattes

The Millennial Wombo-Combo: Avocado Lattes

Millennials and hipsters alike, you can rejoice: we’ve reached the apex of food trends with the ‘avolatte’.

It doesn’t get more minimalist and trendy than a latte served in an excavated avocado skin, complete with customary froth designs.

The idea came from an Australian café that was actually trying to make a satirical point in combining two millennial-approved foods. But people are embracing the new hipster favourite.

the apex of trendy foods has arrived in the form of the 'avolatte' - half avocado, half latte, fully frustrating.

Avocado-laced products have been the topic of discussion down under, thanks to a searing op-ed in which a millionaire called out millennials for spending too much money on the popular fruit.

As a response, a Melbourne café posted a video of the creation of a latte inside the hollowed-out rind of an avocado. “Combing two of Melbourne’s obsessions,” the caption read, adding on a crying-laughing emoji for good measure.

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The joke has been taken at face value however, and people are actually buying the hollowed-out fruit.

“It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish,” a barista who helped kicked off the viral sensation told an Australian news outlet.

Having said that, we’ve already accepted turmeric, ginger, and matcha lattes – so is it so hard to welcome avocado as yet another flavour option to fancy coffee beverages? Maybe it’s the medium of the avocado-skin cup, we’re not sure, but it sure beats the nuclear aesthetics of a Unicorn Frappuccino.

But, we won’t jump on the millennial phenomenon just yet. Not until Merriam Webster acknowledges its existence anyway.

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