Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Twins…and is Surprised to Find Out One is Her Own

Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Twins…and is Surprised to Find Out One is Her Own

It’s called superfetation and while rare, it can actually happen.

If you haven’t heard enough weird and wacky birthing tales yet, get this.

A woman from California signed up to be a surrogate mother. She was supposed to have just one baby, but someplace along the line it was discovered that she was carrying twins.

Everyone thought they were identical, and a result of the donor’s egg splitting in two. That is, until the babies were born. One was Asian, like the donor parents, and the other appeared to be Caucasian.

It turns out, the surrogate mother- Jessica Allen- had ovulated while pregnant, and ended up carrying the surrogate child, as well as her own biological son, to full term.

Was everything laid straight right away? Unfortunately, no. The host mom didn’t know of the confusion until weeks after the children were born, when the recipient Chinese couple texted her photos of the babies…who didn’t really look that much like brothers.

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But wait, it gets even more complicated.

Since the birth certificates of both the babies had been signed by the recipient parents, the surrogate mother wasn’t the legal parent of her own biological son.

Thank goodness for DNA testing!

10 months after being born, Ms. Allen’s son finally made it to her arms. His biological parents have him back at home, and the recipient Chinese family is resting at ease and no longer wondering what the heck happened.

Oh, if only Shakespeare were around to put this confusion on stage! All’s well that ends well.

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