It’s Mental Health Awareness Month: Are You Taking Care?

Millions of Americans suffer through living with mental illness each day but not everyone who does, knows they have it.

Do you know the signs of mental health trouble? Are you living a lifestyle that promotes your own overall wellbeing?

Mental Health America (MHA) can help you find out.

Founded in 1909, this group forms the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit and is dedicated to helping those living with mental illness in the country, as well as promoting good mental health in all Americans.

While most of us may feel we’re doing just fine, it’s always good to pause for a moment and take stock. To assist you, MHA has put together some online tools that can help you evaluate your lifestyle.

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You’re being urged to participate in promoting your own mental health each day of the week as part of the #4Mind4Body Challenge with #MindfulMonday, #TastyTuesday, #WorkplaceWednesday, #ThoughtfulThursday, #FitnessFriday, #StressFreeSaturday, and #SleepWellSunday.

Check out the mental health grocery list and learn to eat for a healthy mind. Get tips on alleviating depression by lending a helping hand, and improving your mental health through yoga, among other routes.

You can also take screening tests online for depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addictions, PTSD and more on MHA’s website.

Take action for a healthier you, and open yourself to professional help if you need it. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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