Is the Simplest Diet in the World the Best?

Is the Simplest Diet in the World the Best?

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

If something can simply and seamlessly fit into your daily routine without you having to make compromises, it’s more likely you’ll stick with it. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition.

Suzy Wengel, a Danish dietitian who’s the CEO of a biotech company, think she’s found the simplest answer to weight loss and healthy eating. Her book “The Scandi Sense Diet,” delves into a plan that the beauty and health blog Get the Gloss called “the simplest diet in the world.”

Her diet outlines a plan where each meal consists of four handfuls of food: one handful of protein, a handful of carbohydrates, and two handfuls of vegetables, plus a spoon of fat.


This eliminates all that calorie counting or food portion sizes, which is hard for the average person that can’t be bothered with kitchen scales.

The diet came to Wengel from personal experience. In an interview with Business Insider, she said she lost 88 pounds in 10 months and kept it off by deploying her handful strategy at mealtimes.

“I weighed around 220 pounds (15.7 stone) when I was at my heaviest (after giving birth to my second child) and now I am around 132 pounds (9.4 stone),” said Wengel. “My weight has been stable for over six years using the principles in ‘The Scandi Sense Diet.'”

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“I repeatedly lost 44-66lb and put it back on again, gaining a little more weight each time,” she continued. “After seventeen years I finally stopped yo-yo dieting and #overeating.

“There is no magic behind my method and tools — just a healthy and balanced view on diet and exercise.”

Wengel estimates that a person could lose one to two pounds a week on average a week. The handful plan comes to roughly 1,500 calories a day for women, and 2,000 for men.

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