The Potato Diet: Genious Weight Loss Hack or a Dangerous Trend?

The Potato Diet: Genious Weight Loss Hack or a Dangerous Trend?

Is eating only potatoes the best way to lose weight and improve your health or is dieting with spuds yet another weird fad?

Although they are extremely restrictive and incredibly bland, the fact that mono diets are simple and (seemingly) effective makes them quite popular. The two most popular mono diet to date might be the so-called potato diet, which is once again making headlines due to Kevin Smith crediting it to his miraculous transformation after his heart attack.

The filmmaker is not the first to praise the spud-only regime for its supposed health and weight loss benefits; he was directly inspired (and advised) by the illusionist Penn Jillette and former NASA scientist Ray Cronise whose diet they’re both following.

The potato diet couldn’t be more simple even if it tried: as the name suggests, you eat only potatoes. That means no spices, no oils, no milk- literally nothing except spuds (skin and all), all day long. You’re not limited by quantity, so you can have all the taters your heart desires throughout the day. Which is only fair, seeing as unseasoned boiled potatoes with skins are the only thing you’ll be eating for two weeks straight.

Understandably, surviving on spuds alone is bound to end in weight loss as it will severely decrease your caloric intake, but this is neither the smartest or the safest way to get rid of those extra pounds. But the celebs are saying they’re not turning to taters for the weight loss, but as a method to reset their taste buds.

The 14 days of bland food is also incorrectly referred to as a diet, as it’s only a phase in the dietary regime. After you reset your palate and get cravings under control, you start introducing other foods in the following weeks, only to fully transition to plant-based nutrition: with animal fats allowed in rare cases, but without oils, salt, or sugar included in any circumstances.

The effect on potato diet on health is not yet thoroughly researched. While some nutritionists warn that this could lead to a rapid loss of muscle mass, nutrient deficits, and poor digestion, others think that, for most people, two weeks of spuds are not enough to do damage.

Either way, making drastic, overnight changes in your diet can have unexpected results- and they’re not always the good kind of unexpected. Every person’s body and health are different, so make sure to talk with your doctor before ditching all other food groups in favor of potatoes. After all, there are many other options to consider that won’t be such a shock to your body.

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