Common Signs You Should Get More Vitamin ‘D’

Common Signs You Should Get More Vitamin ‘D’

If your bones ache, your joints are bothering you and you’re feeling weak, check your levels.

Having a vitamin D deficiency might sound like something you certainly don’t have, but think again. Most people who live in warmer climates are fine. If you don’t have to suffer through a cold winter, (but you do deal with a way hot summer), and you find yourself outside for about 20 minutes every day in some sun, you’re likely getting your proper dose.

But if you reside where the sun moves farther away in the winter months, you’re probably lacking some vitamin D. Milk and other dairy products can be fortified with it, but if you aren’t eating or drinking enough of these, you probably have a deficiency.

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How can you tell? Aside from visiting the doctor and having them test you, there are some telltale signs. A severe lack of vitamin D can lead to extreme bone problems such as rickets and osteoporosis. Having throbbing, aching joints is a sign. Bone pain and general feelings of weakness are an indication that you may need to top up.

Vitamin D is essential for good health, the growth of strong bones and the ability for your body to be able to fight off disease.  You get this nutrient from the sun most readily, by absorbing it through your skin. It can also be taken through fortified food or drink, or as a daily supplement.

While overdosing on vitamin is possible, it’s uncommon. Talk to your doctor and stay healthy.

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