How Seniors Can Make Sex More Comfortable

How Seniors Can Make Sex More Comfortable

Golden years are a period of life when you finally have the time to put yourself first, and that often means more time to enjoy personal relationships. But what about intimacy?

A lot of older people report that having sex only gets better with age. With plenty of experience comes plenty of benefits, and, as a senior, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about embracing everything the golden years have to offer, including vibrant sexual life.

But, sometimes, sex can be uncomfortable for seniors, whether because of emotional or physical reasons. In those cases, it’s imperative to analyze the issues you’re facing and give yourself a chance to work through them and get the opportunity to fully enjoy intimacy.

Good Communication Is Essential

In every relationship, being able to talk openly with the other person is one of the things that matter most. And when it comes to sexual relations, honesty and good communication are an absolute must! You need to feel comfortable enough to be able to discuss sexual preferences and fantasies and share any concerns you might have. Even if you and your partner have been together for years, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk about what feels good in bed- more often than not, needs and desires change with time.

Healthy Body, Healthy Soul, Happy You

Sometimes in your older years, making love just doesn’t feel as good as it should, and seniors tend to give up on even trying to lead an active sex life. But, before you throw the towel in, you should check if there is an underlying medical reason that is stopping you from enjoying yourself. A visit to the doctor’s office will clear any doubts you might have and help you overcome any issue- whether you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, low libido due to menopause or something else altogether. The solution to all your problems might be as easy as finding the right lube or making a healthy lifestyle change.

Embrace Your Age and Rock It

Too many seniors are insecure about their changing bodies and their years, but it’s the silliest thing you can do. Instead of feeling self-conscious and ashamed (without a good reason, I might add), you need to own your age and feel proud of every wrinkle or gray hair. For others, age-related insecurities surface when it comes to experimenting in bed: they feel restricted by their age, when, if anything, they should feel liberated by it.

The key to feeling comfortable with your sex life as an older adult is wholeheartedly accepting yourself for who you really are. The time for insecurities and shyness should be way behind you by now: in this period of life, you should know exactly what you want and not be afraid to take it.

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