This is Why Sex is More Satisfying at 50

This is Why Sex is More Satisfying at 50

Increased confidence, more personal space at home and physical changes that can work to your benefit all add up to a good thing.

Many people equate aging with physical decline: as you grow older, you’re more likely to develop heart conditions and diabetes, as well as muscle mass deterioration, leaving you with less energy. That’s one scenario.

For some however, the golden years can present the best times in life. If you’re in good health, it can be a time to flourish and that applies to various areas, including sex.

Why? It can depend on a person’s situation but some common factors exist.

Studies have found that many women actually find increased sexual pleasure after going through menopause. It might not be what 20-somethings want to believe, but during this time many women experience more frequent orgasms that can feel more intense.

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And for men, despite the fact that sexual function often reduces with age, they have reported experiencing more sexual satisfaction in their 50s, compared with men in their 30s and 40s.

Self-confidence is also often higher when you reach your 50s. You likely no longer fret over what the neighbors may think or which skirt is most appropriate for the occasion at hand. You know what you like and do it.

Best of all, if you were busy raising kids for the last 20 years, you may find yourself with an empty nest. Yes, this can be emotionally taxing at first. Once you find your step though, you might celebrate the new-found quiet space at home. It’s a great time to do what you want.

You can be sexually creative with your partner, when and where you want, without fear of interruption. How’s that for arousing? It’s time to celebrate the new you.

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