5 Ways to Increase Senior Women Libido

5 Ways to Increase Senior Women Libido

Not many people talk about it, but it’s an important topic. Let’s talk about how to increase senior women libido, and how to combat this common problem.

If you’re an older woman who’s wondering where her libido has gone, rest assured that you aren’t alone. Losing your sex drive is common in the years preceding and following menopause, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get it back. Here are five ways to increase senior women libido.

1. Relieve Painful Dryness

A major bummer that comes with menopause: vaginal dryness that can make sex painful. Plus, less estrogen in your body causes reduced blood flow to your vagina. All of this could lead to a serious drop in your libido.

Over-the-counter lubricants that are silicone-based or water-based can work on reducing dryness and friction during sex, making it less painful and more enjoyable. That alone might help get you in the mood. But you could go a step further and ask your doctor about low-dose vaginal estrogen products, as well as vaginal moisturizers, that may also help resolve dryness issues.

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2. Exercise Regularly

Staying physically active is important at all ages for overall health, but did you know that it might also have an impact upon how sexy you feel? Let’s face it, aging could cause changes in your body that make you feel less attractive, and a drop in self-confidence could cause your libido to drop as well.

Getting exercise on a consistent basis, such as by going for a brisk walk every day, is a great way to get the blood flowing throughout your body, including to your vaginal area. Exercise also helps you lose weight and boost your mood so you will not only look better, but also feel better. And if walking isn’t your idea of a fun workout, you can try swimming, biking, yoga, or any other activity that you feel comfortable with.

3. Tackle Stress

Older women have a lot of responsibilities that could cause them a lot of stress, and stress could dampen your sex drive rather quickly. By taking steps to reduce your stress level, you could help bring balance back to mind and body.

Whether you pamper yourself one day a week or meditate for 10 minutes every day, the goal is to reduce the tension that you feel. Then focus on spending more time with your spouse or partner in the bedroom, where you can release even more stress between the sheets (wink).

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4. Spice Things Up

The same routine can get old fast, even in the bedroom. So get a little creative with your significant other and see what you can come up with together. As you spice things up, you might become even more motivated to continue trying new things that will help keep your sex drive alive.

Try new lubricants, new foreplay, new positions, and new sex toys to reignite your desire. These could help make sex more fun, as well as more comfortable and pleasurable, leaving you wanting more.

5. Have Sex More Often

Did you know that, if you aren’t sexually active, your vagina could become narrower over time? That could make sex uncomfortable, especially when combined with the dryness that comes with menopause.

According to experts, if you want to maintain the function of your vagina and increase senior women libido, make it a point to have sex more often. Think of it like exercise—if you stop working on a muscle group, those muscles will become smaller and weaker, right?

Just because your body has gone through the changes that come with age, it doesn’t mean that you can’t remain sexually active. With the right strategies and products, you can increase your libido and continue feeling as sexy as ever.

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