3 Things You Don’t Want to Ever Do If You Have Seasonal Allergies

3 Things You Don’t Want to Ever Do If You Have Seasonal Allergies

Play it safe during allergy season by avoiding these bad habits.

Hay fever heaven has hit, but you may feel like you’re far from paradise if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Itchy eyes and throat, incessant sneezing, coughing and puffy eyes that tear up at the smallest breeze-it  all truly sucks.

What can you do to fight it off? Most seasonal allergy sufferers are aware that taking over the counter medication can help control your symptoms.

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Beyond taking meds though, there are certain habits that are good to adopt once the storm of pollen hits.

You might have minor symptoms now but managing them well is key to staying safe and healthy. You never know when they might flare up and become heavier than you expect.

Not to scare you off, but if you’re a victim of nature’s rather illogical curse, here are 3 things you don’t want to do once allergy season hits:

1) Go a Day Without Showering

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Most people have to step outside sometime during their waking hours. It might be to get in or out of the car, or to step into the bank to conduct business but nonetheless if you’re not bubble boy, you’re usually outside at some point.

And because of this, showering at the end of the day is key when you’ve got allergies.

Why? Because your clothes collect all that invisible pollen any time you’re outside, as do your shoes, your skin and your hair.

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Jump in the shower as soon as you walk in the door and strip yourself of the stuff your nose hates. Dump your pollen-filled clothes in the hamper and change into something fresh.

Personally, I’ve even resorted to bullying my family members into changing their clothes too, if they want to eat dinner and watch TV in the same room with me. They might hate me for a month, but it definitely helps.

And I don’t care-they can love me again in July, and celebrate the fact that I’m still breathing, while waving a flag for independence day.

2) Go on a Reflective Walk on a Hot, Windy Day

During allergy season it's important to limit your exposure to the outdoors and wash pollen away.

It’s a b%*ch that once it’s finally hot enough outside to really enjoy the sun and weather, if you suffer from allergies, you have to wait another while to enjoy it all.

You should, though. Pollen counts tend to be highest on hot, windy days when Mother Nature can move that nasty stuff around really well, in dry air. Extremely hot and humid times can also be very dangerous.

Last year in Australia the conditions became so exaggerated that people actually died from something called Thunderstorm Asthma. You may think you’ve got mild symptoms until that one time they hit with a blast like never before. Play it safe by treating your symptoms promptly and staying indoors as much as possible. You can reflect in the tub, or sitting on the couch.

3) Double Up and Expose Yourself to Additional Allergens

During allergy season it's important to limit your exposure to the outdoors and wash pollen away.

You may might think your system is strong enough to take it, but why risk it? If you suffer from seasonal allergies and you’re also a little allergic to your sister’s cat, think twice about exposing yourself to both at once. Think ahead and don’t overload your system by hanging out with 2 negative neighbors at once.

For additional tips on keeping your system clear as pollen counts rise, click here.

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