Kellogg’s Special K Ads Banned in the U.K.

Kellogg’s Special K Ads Banned in the U.K.

It’s back to the storyboard for Kellogg’s marketing team.

Adverts for their Special K brand have been banned in the UK. The ads claimed the cereal as “full of goodness” and “nutritious”, a claim an advertising watchdog says couldn’t be adequately supported.

The TV ad from Kellogg’s played up the food fantasy, describing the product as a “five grain super porridge full of goodness” and “a nutritious start to your day.”

The Advertising Standards Agency called bologna, ruling the claims aren’t backed by any evidence; no specific health benefit for the consumer could be reasonably argued for. Therefore, they decided, the ads cannot continue running in their current state.

Kellogg’s did try to push the vitamin B2 angle, saying it’s good for the skin, but was quickly rejected. The ASA found that wasn’t enough to say their product is “full of goodness.”

In a statement from the watchdog, the advocate group said: “We therefore considered the specific health claim did not appear with or immediately following the general health claim ‘full of goodness’. As such, we considered it did not accompany the general health claim and in that regard, the ad breached the code.

“[The advertisements] must not appear again in their current form. We told Kellogg Marketing and Sales UK to ensure that relevant authorized health claims accompanied any general health claims that featured in their advertising.”

As a response to the ruling, a Kellogg’s spokesperson replied, “We’re pleased the ASA acknowledged that Kellogg’s has authorized health claims for both the Special K Porridge advert and the Special K website.

“However, we apologize for the error in not ensuring this was made clear enough for our consumers. This has now been corrected. Special K is nutritious – its cereals and porridges contain fiber and wholegrain, and are a source of valuable vitamins and minerals.”

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