Keeping Active: All the Staff at This Restaurant Had Dementia

Keeping Active: All the Staff at This Restaurant Had Dementia

It was only open for 5 weeks last December, but still, it was impressive. Named The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, this establishment placed in an old fire hall. It was  staffed entirely with people suffering from dementia, and filmed for TV in Britain.

The aim was simple. “We want employers to realise that just because someone has been diagnosed with dementia, it doesn’t mean they can’t work,” Dr. Zoe Wyrko, a consultant geriatrician and associate medical director at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, told the Daily Mail.

The forgetful crew was directed by award-winning chef Josh Eggleton. All were in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Many staff members were in their 50s and 60s, and some had lost the ability to read and write, but could chat up a storm and had some remaining short term memory.

Others were good with a pen and paper, which proved to be a well-used tool.

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Why try such a difficult project? As stated, the goal of the event was to challenge the bias that can exist around dementia. It’s a common belief that once you’re diagnosed with the disease, you’re no longer capable of being a valuable contributor to society.

“A huge part of this involves people with dementia being empowered to live the life they want in their community,” said Jeremy Hughes, chief executive at the Alzheimer’s Society in England.

A restaurant with forgetful staff isn’t up your alley? Try something else. You can always visit the entire village inhabited by people with dementia. Complete with a a security system designed to keep the community safe, it’s sure to please.


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