Consumer Alert: Avoid “Radanoff”, a Fake Vodka on Sale in the UK That Can Blind or Kill You

Consumer Alert: Avoid “Radanoff”, a Fake Vodka on Sale in the UK That Can Blind or Kill You

Looking to save money but still have a good time? Think twice about buying illegal alcohol, especially when abroad.

If you’re traveling to the UK and think you may have a few late nights out with friends, vodka could be on the table. But you may want to think twice about downing that shot, as it could save your wallet but ruin your life. Literally. A brand called “Radanoff” is selling vodka that can reportedly cause “blindness or death”.

Sound far-fetched? Here’s the story.

Apparently this brew contains industrial alcohol and authorities in Yorkshire’s city of Hull claim the bottles on the shelf don’t have a custom duty stamp. Furthermore, the barcode on the bottles doesn’t link to an actual product. This means it’s being sold outside of regular trade.

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Yes, this may not be an indicator that the contents in the bottle are actually really deadly, but it’s fishy business nonetheless. Selling fake alcohol is a form of fraud that’s said to cost the UK about £1bn every year. It also harms the companies selling the stuff the legal way by undercutting their business.

Authorities in the UK admit they have yet to test all the shady alcohol to see what’s really behind the label. But keep this in mind: if someone wants to make a living out of secretly selling you an illegal product, they probably don’t have your best health interests in mind. If the vodka is ridiculously cheap, it’s probably too good (or too bad) to be true.

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