Top 4 Ways to Order a Healthy Brunch

Top 4 Ways to Order a Healthy Brunch

If you’re going out for Sunday brunch, you want to make the most of it. After all, how many times do you go out for brunch during the week? Its typically a one-shot deal, so you need to be prepared for your uber meal.

Some people forgo an all-out food fest as they typically have food remorse on Monday when the food settles. Do you really want to be that person ordering non-fat Greek yogurt while your friends are challenging piles of French toast or bacon though?

You can enjoy a hearty brunch – and not pay for it the next day – with these suave strategies.

1. Build around the omelet

Omelets are delicious. They don’t feel ‘diet-y’, and you can add almost any ingredient you’re feeling. A veggie omelet with avocado is balanced and filling (eggs have enough protein, so you can opt out of meat), and still feels like you’re treating yourself. But hey its brunch, so sneaking some bacon into your ‘veggie’ omelet is acceptable – live a little!

2. Make your one splurge count

When you’re out for brunch with others, sharing food comes with the territory. You’ll be forced asked to try this cheese scone, or that chocolate crepe, and before you know it you’ve packed on some serious calories. Try to restrain yourself to one splurge per brunch – ie. try your best friend’s hash browns, then focus on your own meal.

3. Try a side of fruit

There’s the salty side of breakfast, and there’s the sweet side. Doughnuts, danishes, muffins, and strudels always find a way onto the brunch table. It’s hard not to indulge ‘just this once’, but that’s some serious fat right there. If you need to satisfy that sweet tooth, arm yourself with an array of berries or sliced fruits. They’re full of essential nutrients, fiber, and water.

4. One mimosa, hold the OJ

If you enjoy a mimosa with your morning meal, try cutting out the OJ to curb that carb intake. Slashing orange juice removes 5 unwanted grams of carbohydrates; since you probably won’t be running a marathon post-brunch, those excess carbs will be stored as fat if you don’t get rid of them.

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