Say Goodbye to Winter at These 6 Best Hot Springs in the U.S

Say Goodbye to Winter at These 6 Best Hot Springs in the U.S

Winter left you feeling cold and stiff as a brick? Take a hot dip and uncurl your senses.

It can be a long cold winter, and once we hit March the wind has often settled deep in my bones. I could use some healing waters.

And maybe you could, too. So, if you’re living in a warmer area and welcoming in spring, enjoy it. But if you’re still stuck with some snow, consider taking a break.

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Dipping into the healing waters of a natural hot spring can offer physical and emotional healing benefits. It can rejuvenate your spirit and get you ready for all that warm sun that’s about to come our way.

Here are 6 of the best natural hot springs in the U.S to help launch you into spring:

1) Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route


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This one’s for cyclists. If you like jumping on a bike and going off the beaten track, the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route could be your next hidden gem.

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Cyclists can explore this off-road bicycle touring route in central Idaho. You likely won’t run out of ground to cover as it consists of 518 miles of mostly dirt roads. It’s also home to over 50 hot springs that you can access to free your cold soul.

Some are untouched by development and others are described as “commercially developed hot pots” by bike trekkers who’ve been there.

2) Dunton Hot Springs


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This hot spot can be found in Colorado, and it’s expensive. Guests can lounge in this luxury resort that sits on the site of a ghost town from the 1800’s, tucked into the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies.

You have the option to sleep onsite in cabins or in luxury mountain or river tents. The opportunity to dip into the nearby river and “sensuous hot springs beneath shimmering snow banks” is of course, just steps outside your door.

3) Ojo Caliente


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Ojo Caliente is a spa run on land in New Mexico with natural mineral springs that have been around for thousands of years. Amazingly, the waters have been deemed sacred by the 8 Northern Pueblo tribal communities for nearly 3,000 years.

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Visitors can stay on the grounds in accommodation, or visit the pools for the day. Dip yourself in lithia, iron, soda and arsenic spring waters for healing.

4) Conundrum Hot Springs


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If you’re up for a lot of walking, this one could be rewarding. Conundrum Hot Springs is a 4 to 7 hour hike away in Colorado, and some people take two days of walking to get there.

Those who are determined enough to get there can relish the mineral rich waters surrounded by tree-covered hills that offer a reward in the end.

5) Breitenbush


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If you’re counting your pennies, Breitenbush is a good bet. Located two and a half hours southeast of Portland, it offers an affordable chance to enjoy natural waters. Stay for a weekend workshop or just an afternoon. Guests can enjoy vegan meals, yoga, meditation, ancient forest trails and a stone labyrinth. You can tap into a deep well of senses, here.

If you can’t make it out to one of these, a solid trip to the local community pool and sauna is a good stand in- close your eyes and imagine the view.

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