50% of Kids Are Lacking at Least One Key Nutrient, Experts Say

50% of Kids Are Lacking at Least One Key Nutrient, Experts Say

Nutritious eating isn’t happening. Most of us are falling short, and it’s affecting the family as a whole.

You would think the amount of choice in modern day supermarkets would lead people in developed countries to be the healthiest in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It’s widely known that obesity rates are an all-time high, and growing. And astoundingly, with all that food being consumed, we’re still missing out on key nutrients.

According to an article on BusinessWire.com, about half of all kids over the age of 8 in the U.S are not getting enough calcium, vitamin D or potassium.

Add to this the fact that most kids under the age of 9 are also short on vitamin D and potassium, and it all adds up to a lot of potentially broken bones.

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What’s the remedy?

All kids 4-8 need about t 2½ servings of milk or milk products each day. Those over 9 need about 3 servings each day.

The article linked to above is pushing the consumption of milk in kids to reach these goals. That’s not the only route towards a solution, however. (Note that the article is promoting a contest being funded by America’s milk companies, and so some bias is highly likely).

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, dairy and other protein sources is essential. If you feel that your child is lacking something, you can always consult your doctor or a nutritionist to inquire further.

If you’re facing lactose intolerance in yourself or your children, supplements and vitamins are always a great, easy solution.

Protect their health and the future of your children’s bones-it’s worth your investment.

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