How Good Is Your Survival Rate?

How Good Is Your Survival Rate?

A zombie apocalypse, extreme natural disasters of blockbuster movie proportions – there’s no lack of possibilities, however real or unlikely they may seem, for challenging one’s survival. But now researchers have created a test that can gage what your chances of life survival are in the next five years.

The test, which is online and can be completed in five minutes, consists of a series of questions (11 questions for women, 13 questions for men) and is supposed to determine your mortality rate.

Researchers from Sweden used data from the UK Biobank study, which tracked and assessed 500,000 participants’ health and lifestyle over a five year period. Their research was published in the journal the Lancet.

After taking the test questions you are given a percentage of the chance of you dying in the next five years – with up to an 80 percent accuracy according to the researchers.

You can take the test on the recently launched website Ubble.

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