Is Your Birth Control Pill and Other Medication Lowering Your Sex Drive?

Is Your Birth Control Pill and Other Medication Lowering Your Sex Drive?

You used to be all over each other, give you two a few private moments and you couldn’t keep your hands off.

But now, your mind seems to wander to doing the dishes more than to heating things up in bed.

Is it a new wave in your relationship, or is something else at work? Many factors can lower the level of attraction between two individuals. Sometimes it’s something as simple as the medication you’re on.

It’s a fact that many prescription meds will help you out physically or mentally, but take your libido in the process and run like the wind.


Here are some you should look out for:

Antidepressants are a common culprit. They increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, which improves your ‘feel good’ hormones, but higher serotonin can lower your sex drive and your ability to orgasm.

Ironically, birth control pills can also decrease your desire to have sex. According to, up to 40 per cent of women taking the pill can experience a low sex drive. The birth control pill lowers the body’s testosterone, a vital ingredient to feeling sexual desire.

High blood pressure medication often decreases sex drive, with diuretics and beta blockers having a stronger affect than ACE inhibitors, calcium blockers and angiotensin II receptor blockers.

And anti-cancer drugs such as the drugs that treat breast cancer can send you into sexual boredom. Breast cancer drugs lower your testosterone levels as part of their treatment, which can take a toll on your libido.

How to bring those lusty nights back? Talk to your doctor about switching medications, if possible, to find something that may be a better fit.

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