Favorite Body Piercings for Seniors

Favorite Body Piercings for Seniors

It’s the summer of 2018 and body piercings are no longer exclusively for the young. They’re also for the young-at-heart, and with an aging population, this is going to be increasingly true.

Many people get a body piercing- or 2 or 3- and carry it with them as they age. Why get rid of it?

Others find older age a perfect time to do those things they always felt they couldn’t, for one reason or another. It’s a time for conquering new territory in a unique way, and continuing to assert your independence. Piercing can be the perfect route.

Now, it’s true that piercing, like tattooing, can be addictive. We aren’t suggesting you get your eyebrow or lip pierced, (but really, it’s up to you and why not?)

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When it comes to classy, more-discreet piercings, there are tried-and-true ideas. A nose stud is a recurring favorite. It adds a bit of shine and color to your face without screaming ‘youthful angst’.

Of course there’s ear piercing, and having your tongue pierced is also a popular method for adding a little flare. No one but you and your lover will know it’s there!

Belly button rings and studs are also a time-honored classical way to pierce your body, that’s been around since who-knows-when.

Belly tops and bikinis will give you the chance to show your jewelry off at the right moment, and your grand kids just might decide to turn to you for more personal advice once they spot it.

There’s no time like the present for a new look. Your friends will love it, (or at least talk about it!)

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