This Solution Helps Older Men Regain That Frisky Sex Drive

This Solution Helps Older Men Regain That Frisky Sex Drive

Male and feeling less frisky than before? Considering medical solutions?

According to, a new study for the University of Western Ontario in Canada is showing the positive effects of testosterone replacement treatments.

The study, published by Gerald Brock, MD, in the Journal of Urology showed that testosterone replacement treatments can be effective in bringing back sex drive and energy in aging men.

The study analyzed the effects of treating men who suffered from a lower level of male sex hormones, (known as androgen deficiency), with a 2% testosterone solution.


The men involved in the study had the solution applied to their armpit for nine months. To everyone’s delight, the researchers found that participants’ sex drive and energy levels went up and stayed up: they didn’t plateau after the first few months of therapy.

Why is this news? Testosterone replacement therapy has been around for a while, but is increasing with a more than threefold increase in its use from 2001 to 2011 among men in the US aged 40 years or older.

However, currently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves of the use of testosterone only in treating “men who have low testosterone levels due to disorders of the testicles, pituitary gland, or brain.”


The FDA doesn’t think it’s wise to use it simply to improve men’s performance in the bedroom once they pass middle-age.

Will this change in the coming years? Researchers are saying that further studies are needed to really get at the matter, in order figure out what does go on in a man’s body as he ages.

But the fact is, women have had options for hormone replacement therapy for years, once they’ve stop menstruating. Shouldn’t men officially be given the same choices?





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