How to Grill the Perfect Vegetables

How to Grill the Perfect Vegetables

When you’re grilling this summer, don’t forget the veggies!

Because let’s face it: Besides potato salad, veggies were the last thing on your mind between all the burgers, dogs, and shrimp on the barbie.

Here’s how Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of vegetable-focused restaurant Dirt Candy in New York City, grills the perfect veggies:

Double-grate your grill

Cohen opts for the unorthodox double grate system to grill veggies, crisscrossing the grates so the veggies are secure.

“Unless the vegetables are cut in really big pieces,” Cohen says, “the smaller the pieces, the more veggies are likely to shrink.”

If you don’t have a couple of grates, you could substitute for a grilling basket, though Cohen steers clear of them as they can’t get many types of textures, and it limits charring.


Forget marinating

Is there any reason to marinate veggies for grilling hours in advance?

“Nope,” says Cohen, “because they’re not going to soak in as much flavor. Might as well put the marinade on the grill.”

Skip Bell Peppers

While there’s some nutritional value in there – there’s really no bad vegetable – bell peppers are pretty old school at a BBQ these days.

“I hear bell peppers and I think 1992,” Cohen says bluntly.

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Grilled tomatoes rule

You’re probably adding tomatoes to a lot of your summertime meals already – add them to your grill, too.

“A grilled tomato sauce is delicious,” says Cohen.

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