4 Ways to Get Fit Without Exercising Your Wallet

4 Ways to Get Fit Without Exercising Your Wallet

Finding a suitable & effective workout plan to get fit doesn’t mean you need to put your wallet to work, too.

If you’re looking to start exercising more consistently, here are four ways you can slim down without your wallet following in a similar, slimming fashion.

Take a free class (at a retail store)


A single class at a real fitness studio can be $30 or more – that’s just not right. If you’re eyeing a trendy workout your friends at work are raving about, stop by your local Lululemon, Nike Store, or similar retail store – they sometimes have discounted, or completely free, fitness classes. They do fill up fast, so sign up early!

Save on memberships

Groupon, LivingSocial, and other coupon websites will sometimes feature deals on gym memberships, or packages for boutique fitness classes. Discounts can range from a large 50%, to a can’t-be-ignored 70% slash.

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You’re new – use it to your advantage

Get used to the phrase, ‘it’s my first day’, as some boutique studios give newbies special incentives.

See how effective it is?

…well, it works in gyms and fitness classes.

You might be able to score a free or discounted class, or they may even offer you a free trial – some of which can extend to a month! So give your local fitness boutique a call and see what they have to bribe – er, offer – you.

Train yourself

If you’re not into working out in public and prefer the confines of home, you can do wallet-friendly workouts from your habitat.

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First, you can load up on these home gym essentials, then scour the internet for exercises that are relevant to your fitness goals. Health.com has a pretty robust Fitness channel, with everything from HIIT yoga classes with Lauren Taus, to a grueling 45-minute Burn Boot Camp class with Devan and Morgan Kline.

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