The Best Apps to Own Your Workouts This Year

The Best Apps to Own Your Workouts This Year

Besides comfortable exercise gear, an uber playlist, and up-to-date fitness routine, workout apps are essential to those dedicated to fitness in the New Year.

Those that can’t fork out the money to hire a personal trainer will want to make some space on their smartphones for these must-have fitness apps that’ll help get the most out of every workout.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer (free) is the best fitness app to push you to go hard at the gym. The app’s features include quick and accessible workout videos ranging from floor exercises to simple cardio workouts (perfect if you’re new to the gym and aren’t comfortable with the machines quite yet). Developed by a certified fitness trainer, the app conveniently connects to your phone’s Health app for tracking from one central hub.


The Sufferfest Training System (free with added monthly costs to join the program) are for swimmers, cyclists, or those training for a grueling marathon. After an initial fitness test, the app tailors workouts to your level.

The app also features some inspirational footage from iconic cycling races, and other non-cycling workouts like yoga for cyclists and mental toughness.

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The Fitbod Weight Lifting Tracker (free) will help you get buff (swole?) in a hurry.

It does it all: set personal exercise goals, build training circuits, track progress, and it’ll even help you stay focused while you’re at the gym. Good for both beginners and veterans alike, this app will push your limits regardless of your current lifting level.

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